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SQL Server – Server Security

September 9, 2011

The following are the different server roles that are being used to delegate certain server administrative tasks:

  • BulkAdmin: Used to perform bulk insert operations.
  • DbCreater: Used to create, alter, drop, and restore databases.
  • DiskAdmin: Used to create, alter, and drop disk files.
  • ProcessAdmin: Used to kill a running SQL Server Process.
  • SecurityAdmin: Used to manage the logins of the Server.
  • ServerAdmin: Used to configure the serverwide settings, including setting up full-text searches and shutting down the server.
  • SetupAdmin: Used to configure linked servers, extended stored procedures, and the startup stored procedure.
  • SysAdmin: Used to perform any activity in the SQL Server installation, regardless of any other permission setting. SysAdmin role even overrides denied permissions on an object.

NOTE: Till the previous versions, SQL Server automatically creates a user (BUILTIN\ADMINISTRATOR), that includes all the Windows users in the Windows Admins group and allows a choice of what groups or users are added during setup.

But with the arrival of SQL Server 2008 R2, it is no longer added automatically


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