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Data Mining Technique

March 17, 2014

Different kinds of data mining

For data, there a lot of different kinds of data mining for getting new information. Usually, prediction is involved. There is uncertainty in the predicted results. The following is based on the observation that there is a small green which we can adjust our data in structural manner. . Some of the kinds of data mining are:

1. Pattern-recognition (Trying to find similarities in the rows in the database, in the form of rules. Small -> green. (Small apples are often green))
2. Using a Bayesian network (Trying to make something that can say how the different data attributes are connected/influence each other. The size and the colour are related. So if you know something about the size, you can guess the colour.)
3. Using a Neural network (Trying to make a model like a brain, which is hard to understand, but a computer can tell that if the apple is green it has a higher chance to be sour, if we tell the computer the apple is green. So this is like a black box model, we do not know how it works, but it works.)
4. Using Classification tree (With all other knowledge trying to say what one other thing about the thing we are looking at will be. Here is an apple with a size, a colour and shininess, what will it taste like?)

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